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Ofcourse! We'll glady welcome you. But please first check our page about Reseller / Agent later.

Yup, we ship from our country to your home, rest assured 🙂

Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, All Kind of Credit Card (via Paypal).
If you are just casual online shopper, you can just use our Remittance Bank Transfer.

We deliver as soon as we got confirmation from your transfer. Make sure you already include your phone number so it'll faster the procedure. It's simply just 1-2 days. The shipping to your country will takes 4-6 week, can be faster if your country are close to Indonesia. You can also choose Fast Shipping (Contact us) to get it faster.

All of data is protected. Plus, you just simply 1-click-login with your Facebook / Google Account. So there's no need for password here, your privacy is save 🙂

Ofcourse we will sent you the invoice 🙂

You can simply just Whatsapp us directly on +62 877 3915 1147 to get faster respond 🙂
*This is Digital & Mobile Age, not old-slow-respond-email-age*